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This Website provides insights into my professional & personal opinions.

Capitalism Can Solve Every Problem

Human nature always follows certain patterns. Every person always does what they perceive to be in their best interest.
If we accept that it is natural and good to take care of ourselves and that we need relationships then we understand that trading with others is also good.
When we trade with others the object is for both parties to win and no one to lose. Hence, Capitalism – honest trading.

Dennis G. Diede

I Have Studied Human Behavior for Over 50 Years.

My Insights May Disturb What You THINK You Know About People.

It is common for a person to believe that they are above the petty fears and anger other people show daily. The truth is a little harder to accept. Everyone is selfish and self-centered.
We always put ourselves above the needs of others. Witness the daily work commute where drivers are willing to risk your life and theirs just to ‘accomplish’ some need or desire.
Reckless and stupid behaviors they think will improve their situation.
Politics is another venue where people deny their inner children. It is common for a person to profess they care about the safety and welfare of other people but never object to the pain they inflict on their adversaries. 
Very young children have no real concern for the needs of others and we like to think we will grow out of that selfish behavior – but we never do.

This Website provides insights into my professional & personal opinions.

The Needs of the One Outweigh the Needs of the Many - Captain James T. Kirk


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