Dennis G. Diede

Human Relations Specialist



This Website provides insights into my professional & personal opinions.

Human nature always follows certain patterns. Every person always does what they perceive to be in their best interest.
If we accept that it is natural and good to take care of ourselves and that we need relationships then we understand that trading with others is also good.
When we trade with others the object is for both parties to win and no one to lose. Hence, Capitalism – honest trading.

Dennis G. Diede

Over 45 Years of Teaching, Speaking and Training Experience.

I have seen every possible human behavior and situation and have learned the lessons they teach.

The US Constitution is the Supreme Law of America

  • Political Power changes Everything in America.  Who makes political decisions is not the common voter but the powerful ‘media.’ Sadly, that media is mostly controlled by the leftist, progressive (democrat) idealists.

    They control what you see and hear on the internet and the nightly ‘news.’ When most people can’t make heads or tails of what they hear; the tune out. That is how we got Biden / Harris.