Intelligent Commentary


Dennis G. Diede

The Democrat Party
The United States of America

With the Democrat Party in Total Control of the presidency and the Congress, they are in a perfect position to begin to dismantle everything that the United States stands for.
What they will do is attack the Constitution by claiming it is only a guideline and not the solid Law of the Land. President Biden has already made this claim publicly.
How will they do it. As we have seen with their attacks on the 1st and 2nd amendments in the past, soon they will use lies and jargon to confuse an unwitting public about their plans. They will use their favorite ploy to divide Americans into groups they can pander to. They will divide the “races” and pit one against the other. They will divide the ‘rich’ from the ‘poor’ and call for EQUITY instead of Equality. Two different things. They will punish successful people and reward those who do not even make an attempt to succeed. They will call for ‘Redistribution of Wealth’ and call it “Fairness.”